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  1. There will never be another quite like you. RIP, my friend.

  2. CMJ91 ---------just a short addendum here to what I should have posted with the above. There is an extremely large area of virgin forest judt south of the Ft. St. James, BC area. It is massive and the spruce budworm has taken a horrendous toll on a massive amount of beautiful forest. BCFS and a host of logging firms all saw this taking place a long, long time ago and pleaded to be allowed to make roads into the area to be able to get at and truck-out the valuable, marketable timber therein. It's an area that basically spans a very, very large area, but is invisible to the media-c
  3. CJM91 ---------trust me, the BCFS tried very hard to get permission from the province to do the burns I speak of. You may check various news media concerning same or with any member of BCFS who was posted in the Okanagan at the time. I could offer some highly-placed names here, but it's not the place to do so. This idea and the BCFS asking permission of the Province to do so is old news and almost landed in Court until the Province bowed to political pressure from Mr. Suzuki & Company and his band of ardent followers. It's also along about the same time that some 'well-meaning' idiots deci
  4. CMJ91 ............ just in case you are unaware and/or do not understand completely, you should keep the following in mind regarding the type of questions that you have started to ask. (1) There is no comparative agency in Canada to US Forest Service. That agency is 100% Federal and is part of the US Dept. of The Interior which is itself HQ'd in Washington, DC with all the expected powers to go with. The operational HQ for the USFS is Boise, ID, but they do not rule unto themselves totally. Various States have the financial wherewithall to hire their own firefighting a/c and they are hire
  5. I've been waaiting to hear any comments whatsoever from one Mr. David Suzuki...........but NOTHING again. For years and years, he and other 'let's-hug-a-tree-people' did everything in their power to outlaw the BCFS from having controlled burns to rid the forest floors of all the pent-up and decaying fuels that were there and that they knew were dangerous and would be very hard to fight in a fire. Mr. Suzuki & Co. won that battle in spades and had all manner of folks climb onto their 'bandwagon' because they and everyone else knew that Mr. Suzuki loved trees and everything about nature. THE
  6. CMJ91 -----------you do what you have to do to keep your a/c operating and the customer happy, but the former remains supreme at all times for two reason: (1) After all is said and done your a/c is put together with parts submitted by the lowest bidder. Only approximately thirty-five per cent of a 206 is made up of parts that are made by Bell proper and the rest is from outside contractors. Numerous parts are made by farm implement manufacturers. M/R blades on Bell 206's were leaving their grips a bunch of years ago. It grounded ALL 206's worldwide for most of a week. It was called "pin
  7. CMJ91 ------ I'll make your first point real simple my friend. If YOU have an accident, it is YOU that TSB inspectors will come looking for first. Any accident report generated as a result of that accident will terminate as to whether it is YOU at fault or somehting or somebody else. Your given employer may/may not be supportive in any role, BUT everything I just mentioned concerning you and an accident will always remain true. Again, you got little experience or you got tons.........THAT doesn't change one iota. Ergo, you get the support that nice; if you don't, nothing has really chnaged in
  8. CMJ91 -------your object is to do the best job that you can, based on your ecperience and forget about converting anyone to anything. You've been trusted with someone else's million dollar plus asset and trusted enough to allow you to disappear over the horizon with it. That disappearance may also involve taking that a/c many thounsnds of miles and/or into a foreign country. You take with it your own reputation, the company's and your owner's. BY your actions and decisions you can cause great dmage to all three, BUT be mindful that yours comes first at all times. Don't get '
  9. Due and careful note should be taken of what "Helilog56" had to say. His point about staying away from Bell products will NOT keep you out of harm's way once again very true. I had also mentioned that I had almost encountered same in a multi-bladed M/R system and I say again "almost". The "almost' part was because the a/c 'talked' to me and I felt the onset enough to already be entering forward speed before it arrived, stayed momentary seconds and then was gone. To be absolutely particular that a/c was an Allouette II and if you landed on a wrongly constructed pad that had any spring to it wha
  10. Ahhhhhh Geez......you again. Suppose you just woke up and read about all this goin' on did ya? I don't know.......was that comment even worth 2 cents o' Honoured One?
  11. Splitpin -------trucker talk eh? I know of quite a few, including myself one time, who couldn't get complete forward and aft cyclic travel either because of 'relaxed muscle' or a 'Molson muscle' hanging out over the pants buckle..........and that ball would've needed to be of some huge size to anchor all the resultant weight you see. Some even called me 'Baby Huey' and a few others I know of shared that name with me. It was all the result of the crowd I hung-out with, so it was all their fault. HB---------in answer to your question(s).........NO!!. All checks about how far I c
  12. Hello-Bird ---------what you stated about the door being off is undoubtedly true. By the sama token, something else is also true..........an emergency release to 'pickle' the load and get rid of it toute suite (as in NOW). It's activated by a finger, a hand, a foot and activates something that releases the load or sheers-off the cable holding the load from wherever it's attached......to the belly hook or otherwise. I've worked in repel operations where certin things take place ina certain order for safety reasons. It is firmly understood by all concerned that should there be an emergency of AN
  13. Skullcap --------your description. Nicely done sir.
  14. Splitpin -----------Not a subject to introduce humour into, but sometimes it's needed to make a point. So just for you 'ol bean. MCPHERSON SEATBELT ---- Begin construction by visiting your local Canadian Tire or trailer supply outlet. Purchase various sizes of ball hitches and the reason for doing so will become very apparent as you read on. You take these balls to your a/c and cut a hole through the padded seatcover at about the dead-center location. Once securely mounted, you now do a test run where a change of sizes may become necessary. The test run should be done by the most
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