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  1. White water bucketing my favourite
  2. Man sorry no work for low timers and I have tried everything I can. I am about to give up. Go to the government and try to get them to help you find something
  3. Sorry look at your hire agreements probably in there somewhere
  4. I haven't given 40 percent in years I found a better loop hole certified farmer lol
  5. So I guess this is a reason to become an employee
  6. Check your companies group plans because some allow you to up your coverage for a small increase in the cost of the group plan.
  7. Call Wayne he set a job up at VIH with hydro with a gimble mount I will look through my emails.
  8. How much money maybe that would help fill the position
  9. How did you shut it down I have been trying to lose linked in for a while haven't had any success
  10. I have found the old maps work best other than potential folding issues. No dead Batteries no sun on the screen BS. My GPS batteries died 3 years ago so no more downloads but both Mapsource and base camp just came up with a new update that seems easier. Good luck
  11. They were working on this technology in 1998 when I got my endorsement. They had the Seasprite rigged with the gear and it flew everyday with the pilots drinking coffee and eating cookies. As for wind and turbulence the Kmax doesn't fly like a machine with a tail rotor. It points into the wind like a weather vain. Most precision work was done with feet on the floor because the machine was and is very stable if you do not cross control. Best Machine I have ever flown by Far.
  12. That is the thing they are not operating a helicopter commercially. So in your eyes they are stealing work from you in my eyes they are doing the job that they contract to do. Lay off the the pilot whine and go get a better job if need be.
  13. You guys sure don't like it when someone smarter than you comes around. Get off your high horse and pay attention. Your pretty helicopter flying job may require you to get dirty some day. Oh ya I can bet Heli Jockey makes more money than you wanna bees so chew on that.
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