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    Did you fry some more braincells in Mexico RTR??? Hope you had a good time. Klipper
  2. Hey guys just talking to Brian in North Carolina, seems like really good service so far will let you know how it goes. Sorry Flinger I spoke to him before I knew you were a dealer. So just to confirm, aguy should go with the single visor with soft cover? I was thinking of doing the dual visor thing.
  3. I'm looking to buy a new Helmet, just wondering if anyone out there is wearing the Alpha Eagle helmet, and if so do you like it? How does it compare to the SPH5? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks :up:
  4. Raqattack It seems to me that you are to smart to ever make a mistake while flying a helicopter. Your arrogant atittude "it can't happen to me I'm to good" is the picture for a future statistic. Get your head out of your *** we are all human!
  5. Holy Crap RTR, I didn't know you made that much money! You're buying lunch from now on!!!! Why the **** am I flying the things? :shock:
  6. Does anyone know where a guy could find an exel weight and balance for the R44 Raven2.
  7. That's very interesting because not even a month ago I went through the Company Check Pilot hurdles to be able to do PPC's for our company. Sounds like it might not be necessary now? Just PCC's?
  8. I don't doubt his experience but he has to realize not every pilot has made it to his experience level. I'm sure some of their misfotunes may have been avoided if they were aware of the chain of events that caused them. All i'm saying is that it is important that pilots be introverted and realize how they are thinking and i beleive this course teaches them to take a step back and think about what is happening. if it manages to save one persons life. All the paperwork is worth it!
  9. Charles you are exactly the type of people we are glad to have out the Canadian helicopter industry. You obviously know everything already, so you are right the course wouldn't do someone like yourself any good.
  10. That sounds like a great idea!! just another day at work.
  11. I guess contracts are made to be broken though. Make sure you get a lawyer if they want you to sign anything. Also ask yourself what happens if I finish the course and then for some reason lose my medical. Will he try to make you pay for the course??
  12. All you need is a leatherman puddlejumper! A good pilot can fix anything with a leatherman. All those tools just confuse you engineers. :punk:
  13. Be very, very carefull. There are a ton of low time pilots out there that would jump at this chance. It seems to me he wants your money right from the get go. Besides what is he going to do to get you to the 250hr mark that you need to get an instructors rating??
  14. Klipper


    Thanks for the info guys, sounds like the way to go is to do it on fixed wing and then convert.
  15. Geez, take it easy on the guy. He was just asking an honest question and wanted educated answers.
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