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Found 2 results

  1. Hello all, I would like to give a brief update on the petition and survey. I would have done this a few days ago but I updated my email address in my profile and that served to shut down my posting privileges. The survey went live on Jan 9th and was closed on the 30th, so we had 21 days in which to gather responses. I am pleased to say we received over 700 survey responses. Of the respondents, well over 600 "signed" the petition. Unfortunately there were quite a few that did not include licence numbers or we could not confirm contact information. We did try and contact anyone who had signed that had incomplete information, and were successful in some cases but not in others. The net result was almost exactly 600 respondents signing their name to our protest. This is over 25% of currently active helicopter pilots in Canada. A huge turnout for how many days we had. About 90 pilots declined signing after completing the survey. Tacitly, that indicates 15% of respondents and possibly 15% of helicopter pilots in general (we need to consider "survey bias" of course) are in favour of the proposed regulations. Approximately 90 pilots identified themselves as EMS or offshore so I suspect (we can't sort the demographic that didn't sign by their earlier survey responses so I am guessing here) the majority of non-signers were probably from that group. I can understand that as the challenges that EMS and IFR pilots face can be quite different from Day VFR pilots. This is supported by the fact that almost 300 pilots reported that the most fatiguing aspect of their job was waiting to go flying. When one considers the standby time involved with EMS operations, especially at night, it is easy to see how one would feel about regulations that would limit some of the more intrusive aspects of the schedule. All the more reason to draft industry and sector specific regulations rather than trying one set of rules for everything. If anyone would like to see the letter that accompanied the petition I will be happy to share it by email. I won't post it here because I want to know who I am dealing with. Everyone has the right to their opinion but agitators often will use unscrupulous means to get their opinion to the forefront. I'm not interested in having anything with my name on it being spread around and used for unintended purposes. So, if you want a copy email me at coreyedmundtaylor@gmail.com and I will send you one. You have to identify yourself of course or no go! We are in the final stages of organizing the survey data and compiling it into a short report and cover letter, which, when done, will be posted here. Thanks to everyone who signed and to those who helped organize it all. If we didn't have day jobs it would have been a lot easier that's for sure. HV
  2. I would like to express thanks to everyone that has helped in this endeavor, and the list is long! I met with Dr. Julie Booke yesterday in Calgary and she showed me the current state of data (and did not show me anything whatsoever in terms of anyone's identity, nor did I ask). I am very pleased, and I think everyone else that feels the same will be as well. We are approaching 600 pilots having signed the petition! And less than 50 that haven't. The question about what we would like to see in terms of regulations (I can't remember the number of the question but it was the one about what you would choose between the current regs, the HAC proposal, the WG report and there was a "I don't know enough to answer option" as well) was answered with "the current regs" in first place (I think it was around 300 pilots) and "the HAC proposal" in 2nd with around 200. The "WG Recommendations" had 43 pilots wanting it. To each their own, as my Mother would say, which is the point of this whole exercise; I think the new regs (if they become regs) are probably ok for Airliner pilots but don't work for the vast majority of helicopter pilots, nor their entire operations. I think we can accept something that we don't believe makes sense when it doesn't impact us, but when it does we need to push back. We should probably push back on nonsensical rules even when they don't impact us, but people are very busy and don't seem to have time for what's essential let alone taking on optional duties. Anyway, let's get to 1000 pilots! We will keep the petition open until the 28th at least. Dr. Booke is processing the data daily so we can act quickly when we close and need to submit. A complete report will be presented at the end of the process, with no one identified of course. Thanks again and here's the link: https://www.toofast.ca/takesurvey.php?SurveyID=7550 HV P.S. I think the Russians and Nigerians have hacked the forum! Or maybe there are a bunch of immigrants in the industry suddenly! Just kidding... But seriously how are these "New Threads" actually getting through the system of security on the website?
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