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Found 3 results

  1. What are y'all using for waypoint editing on a pc? I'm having issues with our companies garmin aera 660's. I've tried "basecamp" but have had nothing but issues, and I've even called the garmin support line and was told "there isn't currently any editing software compatible with the 660". Even tried the old "mapsource" software with the same issues. Seems insane to me that they can sell an "aviation gps" yet not provide the necessary software to actually create/ edit waypoints on a pc. Its a fantastic gps otherwise. (and for the love of god telling me "you should stick to the good ol dinosaur 296" is completely useless, as its not 2002)
  2. Recently bought a new Macbook Air, love it! Fast, light, Parallels runs Windows (Flightduty.xls) no problems. Great computer... BUT it won't recognize my Garmin 296 gps. Both Garmin and Apple acknowledge the problem and have no plans to fix it. Apparently, while the USB 3.0 ports on the Mac are "backwards compatible", they're not compatible with a relic like the 296. Shyte! Anyone have a proven fix for this problem? So I'm likely to be forced into the current decade and join the iPad cockpit crowd. Foreflight and Air Nav Pro both look pretty good, each with it's strengths and weaknesses. I really like flying with the topo maps on my 296, are there any iPad aviation solutions that include the option to display topos? Thanks!
  3. I am looking for feedback from anyone who has experience with the 695 or 696 in the helicopter world. My 296 has reached the end of its life cycle and is due for replacement. I have tried the aera line and they do not do what the 1/2/3/496 does anywhere as well as so they are out. Has anyone played with one of these? Shawn
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