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Found 7 results

  1. I was just wondering if most pilots carry their own personal survival kits Vs. the companies pre made survival kits that usually don't consist of much. If so, what do you take in your kits? What experiences have you had that you had to use your kits? Any tips and pointers on what to bring will help all of us out..
  2. Air company Avia-Service (Russian company) located in Sankt-Peterburg. We official dealer Helicopters AK 1-3 (contact number 016-Bal) . We invite to cooperation avia business Europe and private persons. Our flex services: Helicopters for Sale Helicopter Management Helicopter Consulting Helicopter Solutions Helicopter Rental Helicopter leasing Helicopter aviaparts Helicopter Insurance Helicopter licenze Sale, rental, leasing) HELICOPTER АК 1-3 Sale HELICOPTER АК 1-3 Fuel А95 Flight range 350km The maximum fligh ttimeis 2.6 hours Maximum guarantee services 10 years Free Shipping Germany; Free consultation (English language); Free registration helicopter in Europe; Free installation service helicopter and consultation; We have special trade In - helicopters program service; We have other models helicopter: Syton AH130, Robinson R22, Rotorway A600 Talon, Sikorsky S-300. We hace Our company working in: Europe, Dubai, USA. Aircompany Avia-Service, www.avia.msk.ru contact us: support@avia.msk.ru
  3. Are you looking for a possibility to build affordable hours? #hourbuilding #helicopter #pilot #teambuilding #ferryflights #as350 #flying #aviation #astar #ecureuil #verticalmag #flying #rotorhead #helicopter #pilottraining
  4. Hello, Wondering if someone would be able to answer my question - Why do helicopter cargo baskets have maximum weight capacities (i.e. is it for maneuverability, emergency landings...)? To illustrate, the Bell 206L4 helicopter has a max gross weight (external load) of 4,550 lbs but most standard cargo baskets can only hold 200-300 lbs. Why can't cargo baskets hold more weight?
  5. Good day, As part of my bachelor's degree, I will be conducting a research at a company who is looking to investing in a new helicopter or sim. I will, for example, look at the current market in the region and in which market there is a demand for which kind of operation etc. I was wondering if there was applicable literature or information which I could consult during this research. If you personally have factors or subquestions in mind that I could use during this research, suggestion are always welcome. Thanks in advance. Kind regards
  6. I’m have my Canadian commercial helicopter pilots license with about 800hrs. Recently been laid off for the season and am looking at getting my mountain course to help my chances at finding employment. Basically wondering if anyone has successfully applied for the Canadian government to pay for the mountain course while on employment insurance? I imagine so as it would be considered training to further the career and increase chances of being hired.
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