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212 governor

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Can anyone shed some light on a recent problem I had. On Saturday, my steam-chicken governing system required adjustment on virtually every take-off and landing. (we''re talking HP kit with the 4 way beep switch). I matched Q''s, then pull in take-off power and see a 10% Q split, so I beep L or R to rematch 1 and 2 Q''s, then require another massive beep to rematch on final, this happened again and again, my thumb was very tired after a full day of this?


what''s up?

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I take it from your discription that it settles out with a split? If it splits in transit, then I''d say go after your accelerations. Tough call without seeing it. Keep your eyes on it bud, and your hand on the tap.

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Some 212''s do have a Q split on increasing or decreasing Q, this one didn''t. Just that one day it seemed to have one slow governor. I''ve had this aircraft since Jan 10, with no problems. It was an old hard-landed hull (N212HT? 2,900hrs) from Texas, that we rebulit top to bottom. Thanks for you expertise CTD.

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