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King Air 100 Accident

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A little excitement in Terrace Bay, ON last nite for the fire department.


A King Air 100 with 5 on board landed and slid off the runway leveling a big snow bank.


Thankfully no one was hurt from what I understand. The weather has been pretty nasty here as of late. We got 1.5' of snow New Years Eve, .5' New years day and .5' last nite and calling for another foot tonite.


Very very slippery up here so I guess the runway at this uncontrolled a/p would have been the shiites.....gonna go check it out when the local constabulary comes to pick me up.


Not a good start to the new year.



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Just to clarify the terminology you used in your title, this is neither an incident, nor an accident. For an accident to have happened someone would have had to be fatally injured. For an incident, someone would have had to be injured. What we have here is an "occurrence".


So the title should be: King Air Occurrence!


:lol: cj

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So not only do we have political correctness in our day to day language we now have politically cleansed wording for accidents.


If we can now wreck our aircraft and as long as no one is killed or injured it is no big deal?


Hey look at that, I managed to completely destroy that airplane and I am so skilled I didn't kill or injure anyone..


How convienient the language is becomming in cleansing things of having any real meaning.


Chas W.

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Airplane adversity precedes boy's birth


By Carl Clutchey - The Chronicle-Journal


January 03, 2004


Despite being in advanced labour with her third child, Schreiber’s Linda Williamson gingerly walked down the steps of a damaged air ambulance after it skidded off a local runway late in the afternoon on a snowy New Year’s Day.


“I had to get down the stairs myself,” Williamson, 38, recalled yesterday from her hospital room. “They couldn’t take me down on the stretcher because the plane’s tail was in the air.”


About 20 minutes after getting off the plane, Williamson gave birth to a healthy, dark-haired baby girl after being rushed by land ambulance to McCausland Hospital, a short drive from Terrace Bay’s municipal airport.


The infant, named Elizabeth, was delivered by nurses and the air ambulance’s two paramedics because there was no doctor immediately available at McCausland, a small hospital located in the town of 2,000.


A Ministry of Health spokeswoman said Terrace Bay isn’t considered underserviced and normally has two doctors there.


Williamson had been put on an air ambulance bound for Thunder Bay Regional Hospital as a precaution because her doctor was out of town this week. Her daughter was born a month ahead of her due-date.


The twin-engine, Thunder Airlines King Air air ambulance skidded into a snowbank during takeoff just after 5 p.m. Thursday, coming to a stop about six metres from the runway.


The plane was slightly damaged but nobody on board, including the aircraft’s two pilots and paramedics, were injured.


“I felt the plane go faster, and then it did a little shimmy,” Williamson recalled. “It was scary, but then I thought: ‘We didn’t flip, we’re not on fire, and everyone’s OK.’”


Thunder Airlines president Ken Bittle said the plane appears to have drifted close to the edge of the Terrace Bay Airport runway, which was plowed but not to full-width.


Bittle said that wasn’t unusual for a small airport that doesn’t have regular passenger service.


The King Air was to undergo an inspection, but Bittle said he expected it will be able to be flown out — without passengers on board — to a repair hangar.


Police said in a news release they notified the Transportation Safety Board of Canada about the incident.


Board spokesman Jim Leveque couldn’t say yesterday whether an investigator would look into the matter.


Copyright © 2000 The Chronicle-Journal

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Actually Transport Canada is calling this an accident (as far as CADOR's go). The difference between incident and accident include more criteria them simply injury/type. It includes things like structural damage (severity) that applies in this case, and other things. Unfortunately I don't have the individual criteria handy to list though.



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Randy, txs and back at y'a.......PM Y'a on Monday. :D


Chas, here here :up:


cojoe, whatever......just passing on some info.....


CD, the Rag you mentioned is out to lunch, especially on the facts....read the headline and then read down to what they named the child.....a boy named Elizabeth....man would I be pissed if I were her/him. 90% of what is mentioned in the article is incorrect....not even close. I've read the police report, the press release(as told to the reporter), who by the way never even asked about the aircrew, and the article nowhere near matches the facts....BTW this isn't a slam at you or your effort.....just make sure you're politically correct.


Hydroces, looks like it's might be engine(s), nose gear and some cosmetics....It's parked in the Kimberly Clark hangar and will be there for a couple or three days from what I understand.....FYI.


Enough of this horsepuckie..........I could invalidate every point made by the reporter but couldn't be bothered


As stated earlier, thankfully no one was injured in the .......whatever it should be called. ;)





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