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Tdg And Whmis Training

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I can understand TDG not being transferrable from company to company if it is a company specific exam, but the John French TDG course is generic, it is the same exams for everyone is it not!?




but you still have to have a card issued and signed by the current employer... more than 1 employer?? more than 1 card... :huh::wacko:

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TDG IS TDG doesnt matter which company we fly work,drive for...all the training comes from a specific handful of companies offering the training service...there is NO common sense or clear language involved at all...at a practical level NONE of it applies to us..its all BULLSHIT..there is no excuse for the card not to be transferable..other than a money issue..training companies ..and transports lack of insight as to what realy hapens out here in real life. IT all stems from ONe book that is one inch thick and growing ...and ALL companies are bound by that...no helicopter companie I have worked for has a TDG plan that is specific to them as transport seems to think it should be...Copy the answers from the las test and get to work..we are not going to do any thing differant ..Are we ?? and to the mother u know what that came up with online tests..what a dumb ***...and to the companies that dont stand up to transport for the bullshit...same comment..,


I have to stop before I have a cornarary...medical this month...so yes there are some of us out here that see the stupidity of TDG...

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