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Places In Canada To Avoid!

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Guest bag swinnger

I wouldn't recommend any of these places...unless of course they were on Fire


Indian Cabins, Alberta


Hamburg, Alberta


Steen River, Alberta


Sasquatch Crossing, BC


Wabasca, Alberta


Red Earth Creek, Alberta


Conklin, Alberta


Onion Lake, Sask


Wandering river, Alberta


Geraldton, Ontario...some serious banjo playing going on there!

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That little forestry camp about 40 clicks south of Ft.MacMurry. WHAT A SH_T HOLE!!! Screaming kids up and down the hall all night. Shi-ters plugged up and overflowing. Filthy camp. Food poisoning rampant. We spent ONE night there. That's it boys, we're outa here!!! :down:

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Laloshe Sask.

Followed by Rankin inlet

Followed by Puckatawagan Man.

Followed by Chetwynd B.C.



Spent a while in "Laloshe Sask." Jeez!! Checked into the local "motel". Looked at the room, unmade bed, no towels, strange stains on the sheets, stunk like He-l, Dirty glasses and old bottles lying around. Approached the "manager". Shorry. can't help you, the maid she is gone. Jeez, this was 6:00 in the evening. Good God, over!!

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