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Places In Canada To Avoid!

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Armstrong, Wandering River, Steen River, Pickle Lk., Wayakwin Sk., Wabasca..... Yup all bad!


The worst for me was Red Rock Camp ( camp cholera ) S.W. of Grand Prairie, 2003.

A mudbog worse than anything that could be built on purpose even for a 4X4 competition.


Inuvik, NWT: Not sure if it still happens there, but Tuesday nights at the Finto.

'Scotch Night'. Great night, but Wednesday's were always a bad day for some reason.

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Fun thread. Its made me cringe a few times. The two I could add to the list are Wrigely and Fort Good Hope NWT.


Funny story about Pukatawagan. Got an engine chip light flying by the town so I went in and landed to check it out. When I phoned operations i was told I'd be better off stranded in the bush than in town. The chip plug wasn't too bad so I carried on to Thompson. Not much better but found a nice bar, Fire and Ice I think it was called?????

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Ft.Ware top end of Wiliston lake could'nt leave the machine for fear it might not all be there upon our return. AFS Buffalo camp, a lovely line camp. Awoke to the sound of rain one evening to discover it was a fire fighter taking a leak against our wall tent...


And all the other great places mentioned before with the exception of those in the high arctic, hey I got my limits.

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This one for our crews, luckily I never made it there. Mc...ld's Camp north of Nakina Ontario,,they could write a book about it, and the Abitibi fellas are still there,,,,they deserve a medal or a free labotomy, but were great to work beside. 40 plus with one shower that was cleaned around 98 or so. Rats and mice in kitchen....oh man.


Ya I did a tour on their 205 there in Dec...... worst conditions ever! Drafty tent, kerosene heaters that work, well sometimes, and my personal fav, out houses! in -30 to 40. The, ummm....fragrent cones shall we say, were high enough to tickle your bum!! Untill Dave came by and broke them off with a 2X4! WORST PLACE EVER! You couldent pay me enough to go back there.

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Stu Bl****on's camps near Ekati. But bless his "frugal" soul, he gave a bunch of us our first flying jobs, though I hear that one guy never flew again and became a dentist... Probably the smart one!



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