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Tips Or Advice For Cars Exam


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Yup as stated above. Do the practice tests 5 or 6 times each. You will be suprised how many of those exact questions are on the real exam and how you memorize them accidentely. Also as Marc said, try to memorize the appendices. I have a hopeless memory for crap like that but I did ok. All in all the test wasn't as terrible as I thought it was going to be.


CARs for the AME was an awesome book for practicing and is pretty much the only resource I used. My TC Inspector gave me a folder with a bunch of info that was applicable too that you can flip through.

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The problem isn't the CARs, the problem is the testing process. It should be open book and be relevent not just memorization. When I got my A&P, the DME in the states asked me, as we were completing the practical part of the examination, wheather if he gave me my license would I be able to sign out a annual inspection on a Cessna 172. I said no. He through the FAR's in fromt of me and said "prove it" We spent the next hour going over the FAR's and he gave me a good verbal quizing on stuff that I should know, and if I didn't he let me find it. A far more practical way as opposed to the 100 multiple choice questions such as "How many days to you have to notify Transport Canada of a change of address?" Its 7 by the way.

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