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K-flex Drive Shaft...

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Before you spend a pile of money on Kflex shafts for the mediums, check chapter 004 of the maint manual. The last time I looked in the 205 manual, the kflex shaft had a 5000 life. Do the math for comparson costs and if you decide on the kflex take special note of the clamp set alighnment marks on the shaft. The manual makes no mention of them other than in a diagram and if you are not right on the ball it is very easy to miss them.

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I like em for the same reasons others have mentioned..less maintenance for greasing, grease leakage, and temp tape replacement. I only have kflex experience with OH-58's and Bell 407. Certain early serial number 407's with certain p/n kflex driveshafts only have a 1250 hour life limit.

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