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Power-check How-to

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Aircraft is preforming great and it does have an FDC. We have calibrated the torque guage 3 times, including trying a different torque guage. No problem converting bar to psi, because the Mo5 log card has it in psi as well. Nr and Ng were checked as well during a FCU characteristics check (one of the steps on the troubleshooting flow chart). On monday we swapped the Mo5 with one that came out for OH from a different machine last week with a dozen hours left on it. Different Mo5, different TQ transmitter. Start drain valve and drain valve have been checked as well. Fuel seems to be fine.


Oil pressure check and Mo2/Mo3 boroscope are on the menu now.


Still some, or should I say lots, of confusion about these power check charts. Not doing them, that is fine. But what chart to use is the big question. It seems that for a B model, we had always been told to use a "BA sand filter" chart. Didn't make sense to us. So after some comunication with FDC. Turbomeca, and ECL, we are trying to figure out what chart to use. We had a "B Model sand filter" chart faxed to us that was not published before. Don't as me why. It is the exact same as the BA sand filter chart. Go figure? The chart we had been using (don't know where we got it) doesn't match up to the other two. Could have been an in company mix up.


When all is done, I will let you guys know what was up.

Knowing my luck, it was just a chart issure.

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There is also a formula for measuring voltage into torque transducer because you are not putting in the same voltage on ground to transducer when setting it up thus the torquemeter will be slightly off when doing actual power check.


You will need to have an accurate multimeter to measure millivolt output of transducer as well, this will tell you if you have inaccuracy in torque gauge as the torque transducer puts out a certain amount of millivolts which equates to a certain amount of torque and the gauge itself may be off and you are masking it by doing a deadweight test to set the gauge to the torque which may be way off with different voltage input when engine is running.



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So we changed the Mo5 last week and so far it has been passing the power checks. After some carefull studying we (and ECL) have decided that the phantom B model sand filter chart that doesn't legally exist that we had a draft of faxed to us from ECL, is actually the exact same chart as the BA sand filter chart. Go figure. You think having different blades, different NR, and all that would require a new chart. Anyways so far so good.


Just thought I would give an update.

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