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Pesticide Applicator Licence


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As for the flying, the first summer, we were paired up with a senior spray pilot and followed his/her lead. I was very lucky to get an aircraft equipped with the Thru-valve boom system and was responsible for doing the boundaries (bag-lines) and other machines would come in and do the broadcast interiors of the blocks. Doing the thru-valve work was very much like longlining a waterfall across the blocks. Really forced you to be multi-tasking and precise in your flying.


It is a great way to start out. You don't have pesky passengers distract you. You take off gross weight all day long and work out of anything from log pads to paved runways. (Working out of Whistler one summer was the best, paved airstrip at Pemberton.)


Best of luck to anyone trying to get into the industry. There are lots of days when it will seem no use, but believe me, hard work will pay off.




ps: The photo below is a mountaintop somewhere near the Kenney Dam on the Nechako Watershed, south of Houston, BC.

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Ps: You may want to endeavour to learn a little about an Ag-Nav <_<


For those who don't know what it is...It's aviations answer to the world renowned Etch-A-Sketch :blink: Keep your head up and watch the wires :shock:

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