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Hey Taco Bell...bit sad, and a real shame, that someones help goes unappreciated and without thanks. I have only experienced good hospitality so far in my short time in Canada. At the end of the day we are all colleagues as someone said and we are all out earning a dollar so to speak. Being difficult with others generally does no favours and will not win a client back or make friends but it does open the door for a favour in the future when you least expect it, or perhaps that client might just opt to come back to your company.


Rotonutz, despite his unfortunate heritage as a Kiwi :rolleyes: , is a good bloke and he tries to make up for it as best he can (LOL). He is the sort of guy who would offer a coffee and whatever help he could to many a competitor in need whenever they work out of his small town in Northern BC. Big thumbs up to Rotonutz :punk:

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Speaking of helping out the other guy I always try to help if someone needs a hand if I am not up to my eyeballs in alligator s%&T as being one of those pilot/eng types and usally have both hats on at the same time..anyways a certain outfit who will remain nameless...had an s76 in geralton a number of years ago that would not start...and they just wonder if I was an engineer as well as a pilot and of course I had to let the cat out of the bag..so I got their ship up and running and being very appreciative they asked me if I need any remuneration..were upon i said sure..the next time I was going to be in Tbay they could buy me a couple of cases of beer...the least they could do...well its been a long time and I never got didley yet..so the next time I might just say to that operator...go f%^k your self...as mentioned what goes around comes around!!!!

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I agree with giving someone a hand when in need. I know that I have done this at times over the years when in a position to help with no real thought about "future concessions". Mainly I've done it based on the theme of the request. If the person is someone I know or asks for help - no sweat. However if it is one of these over inflated peelots that demands help then I have always something else to do first.


To throw a bit of a wrench so to speak into the topic. Has anyone considered your liability when fixing another companies aircraft?


Even if it is just a boost, a filter, a thump on a starter relay or a quick crimp on a wire? I know this is a crappy subject but the litigious world we live in today might result in you being a good Samaritan and then getting butt in a sling if something happens to the helicopter- even if it is not related to what you did?



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we are an outfit which pretty much always travels and infringes on the other operator's territory. For the most part have never had any problems, our work is specialized and most don't want to do it anyway so competition is not really an issue. We try to be very respectful of the local operator and ask upfront what they would like for compensation for landing there. It ranges from money to beer. I was listening to one fella and he was telling me how "one guy thought it was ok to bring in only ONE case of beer, what a jerk" I try to bring at least two now but it really helps us out if you say beer please say how much you would like. I try not to drink my share when hanging round as well. :rolleyes:


As far as liability goes, if a logbook entry has to be made then it should go thru the proper channels ie a P.O. given. No logbook entry such as removing a item to be fixed then i would say is pretty safe. At a base a long time ago a certain stipey 500 landed and the pilot asked the engineer to have a look at the engine,,,,it turned out the engine was toast, our engineer removed it and the pilot hauled it away, their engineer brought in another awhile later and they were off. It really sped up the process for them...they brought in enough beer that even us pilots were allowed to have some,,,,HA.

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If another operator comes to our small town and takes work from us, they are either giving better service then us or under cutting our prices. The former hasn't happened yet and the latter, well they can fill their boots if they want to. Let them work at a loss, it won't last forever.


We've always welcomed anyone who needed a hangar, tools, parts, water hose, power supply etc.

I don't remember ever giving a shiiiite why they were in town. In return, we've always had good luck getting help from our competition when we needed it. You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours.


On that note, if any or you find yourselves needing a facility in High Level or Grande Prairie (new hangar will be completed by July), by all means come in and see us and we'll be glad to help in any way we can. A couple cases of alcoholic beverages usually makes the pain go away!


Christian Dallaire

Director of Maintenance

Gemini Helicopters

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Working as a 135 operator in the New Orleans area, we are surrounded by the major operators like PHI, AirLog and Rotorcraft Leasing Corp just to name a few.

We are small, with 5 aircraft on our certificate and oil and gas support has always been our bread and butter, but we are also are kept busy in other realms like supporting the local news stations, newspaper, movie and tv work, sport event support and air tours the bigs have no desire to deal with. I believe there just two other small Part 135 operators in our general area that could be construed as the competition.


As for helping each other out, we share a fine working relationship with one of the companies, as the two owners know each other and grew up in aviation. So we work together sharing parts, services, and even referring one another for flights if one company has no aircraft available.


The company I don't care to help is a single pilot 2 aircraft operator with no mechanic on staff. So when he has an inspection or a maint problem he brings his aircraft to us because we are nearby and are one of the few companies in the area with experienced mechs that will take outside work.


My heartburn comes from the fact that I know we have lost jobs and customers to him because he will under cut our rates. So why should we do maintenance for him that will make our company coffers a few dollars in labor and parts costs, while at the same time helping him have available and serviceable aircraft to take jobs from us? Makes no sense to me, but I am a mechanic, not a boss.

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Thats a good point. If you didnt do his maintenance though would it really cost him that much more to go somewhere else? If you are giving him such a good deal that he is saving quite a bit of money, then I think you are going beyond the point of helping each other out. If a company is large enough to support its own maintenance why should a competitor reap the rewards of your better business practice. If his maintenance cost were the same somewhere else and it doesnt effect your own ability to keep your aircraft maintained, then even from a business point of few, if you make a little bit of money off it you guys might as well do it.

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