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Small Town Operations

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I've been helped out by guys many times over the years, and also help any one who needs it.



I was on a seismic job years ago with a Peace machine, my refueling pump broke down, they lent me their spare, but said not to tell any one. A few days later their batt died, I gave them a boost. Now each of us could have said !@#$ off, and doubled our flying for a few days, but this is a small world. When you work in the middle of nowhere some times you need a hand.


I agree, what comes around goes around.


Got a radio call from a competitor once, they had just taken one of our contracts away, they were shut down at a well site I knew well, not enough battery to start their 206, flew back to base, got some booster cables, ( Young pilot didn't know what to do ). Checked and found a broken wire, showed the young guy what he needed, gave him a boost, got him going and on his way. Now I could have been a DIKC and flew the crew back to camp and left their machine where it was, but how would I have looked to a young pilot who was learning how to act in the field, and how would I have looked to the customer ( bitter and small ).


Now I'm trying to remember what my mom taught me all those years ago, treat others as you want to be treated your self. Or something like that, I'm such a mommas boy. :blush:



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I was in camp job a few years back and one of our competitor had a turbine to change on there L3 at -30 or so, not to much fun. Anyways we had an EC-20 there and I let them us it over night so that know one got frost bight. I ended up getting an EC-40 sent up to me (the EC-20 couldn't preheat the 205 that well when it hit 30 below) so I let them use the EC-20, instead on car heaters, till they had there own sent up which happend to be a week after we left. Too bad there wasn't enough room in the 205 to bring both heaters back, and the planes flying out of camp were too full to bring the heater back till theres showed up. What a coincidence ;);)


The crew of the L3 were friends and competitors, but most importantly friends first.

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Back in the late seventies I had a bumper sticker from Bell that said Helicopter Pilots get it up Quicker, got quite a few thumbs up at stop lights.


Being a retired Pilot/Engineer I always wondered why I never had a problem with ED, now I know. Good one.


Cheers Don

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