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Looking For Tc A/c Identifiers

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Transport Canada has a list of identifier codes used for licenses and flight plans. For example, a Bell 206 is a BH06, an Astar is EC30 (used to be S350), Schweizer 300 is HU30, etc..


I had found the list of these codes on TC's web site a couple years ago, but now I can't seem to find the list anymore. TC's searc engine is so user-friendly... :rolleyes:


Anyone got a clue ? :blink:

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TC added the EC30 to cover the EC-130. When I got my Astar endorsement, they first printed my new license with S350. Some time later, my license was damaged when my wallet fell into a pool (with me attached to it...). When I received the replacement, the code had changed to EC30. I called TC to tell them they'd goofed, and was told the S350 code was "obsolete". So, normally, as people get new license papers (or when the new aircrew passport comes along next year), those who still have S350 on their license will see it change to EC30.


Apparently, as far as TC is concerned (and I imagine with Eurocopter's blessing), the different Astar variants and the EC130 are similar enough to be grouped as a single endorsement.


This leads me to a question: I've never flown an EC-130 or a B3 for that matter. Does my license allow me to just hop in and go, or would I have to have some form of transition training first ? I know emergencies are different with the B3, seeing as it's got the collective-mounted FFC ?

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