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Cayman Island Helicopters

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Guest Bullet Remington
:lol:post-824-1209866201_thumb.gif No need to move, Bullet. Someone'll come along feelin' even less pain and just sit on ya! :up: Nice to see CM's pix again! Sorry, Freddie. Hope you get to the Caymans!


Well.... I tried to resist, TQn, but I am so weak!! :unsure:


Sooo... U can sit on me any time!!! :wacko:


I'll do the usual apology thing and shuffle off to the corner to sit alone now!! <_<:blink::rolleyes:


CM, sorry I didn't ack your post! Good to see ya back. U out early for good behaviour?? :lol:


Freddie: Good Luck on the job thingy! I've been looking for ytears for a job in a climate that's similar to my taste in women. Hot and sticky!! :lol::lol:

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