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Human Factors Etc.


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I've just had the pleasure of meeting Gordon Dupont and having some discussions with him regarding among other things, Human Factors. I would highly reccomend that you check out his training programs as they seem to be the best I've had the pleasure to be around.




This is a man who has seen it from all angles, Pilot, Engineer, Transport etc.


Especially go to "Articles" and check out "Cinderella in the Flight Department". A very good read for all involved.


Cheers.. and enjoy

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Thanks for the link Twotter :


Just read some of it and will go back and read more.


However for anyone to fully understand the industry it is incumbent on each of us to understand the human factors that are at work in " A L L " sectors of the Aviation community.


Unless you also avail yourself of the reading material contained in Transport Canada's evaluation of the Pacific Region M&M management group you will never fully understand why Human Factors really mean something and are important in our industry.


The study material I am refeering to is the internal report on M&M the title is.


Business Review


Aircraft Maintenance and Manufacturing Division


Pacific Region


By: Bonita Smith


June 20, 2003


It is a must read if you are to ever fully understand why the industry is so lacking in consistancy and common sense.


Cinderella has nothing on this story......and Bonitas story is not a fable, its reality.


Oh, be sure you get the introductry front page that is not really part of Bonitas report....


The title is ....




You just gotta read that part and see if you can make a link between Bonitas comments on the CYA mentality and the mentality of our Regional Director.


Chas W. ( Dr. )

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Well that is a good question Graunch.


Mine came in a big brown envelope and there are about 50 pages in the thing...most of it is gobbldy gook and feel good reccomendfations that we all know will never see the light of day. However some of her findings are spectacular and so daming of the system I was stunned they even printed the copy I have.


I will go to Staples and have it copied and send it to one person here who will then send a copy to whomever wants to pay for the cost of copying it. E-mail me if you want me to get a copy made.






About two months ago I was back to the Regional Director General about another action by 800 Burrard that resulted in my losing a lot of money because a TC employee gave out false information about my not being legal to do the training that a customer of mine from Scotland had come over here to do with me.


Anyhow he knows I dont fu.k around he made some quick phone calls and within several hours he wrote me a letter of apology for this guy giving false information. We talked on the phone after he sent a copy to my customer apologising to the customer for TC giving false information regarding my offering illegal flight training.


During our little conversation I asked him when they were going to boot the Regional Director Civil Aviation and the Regional Manager of M&M out of their jobs now that the Bonita Smith report has been finished.


There was silence for a while and finally he said I am afraid I can't answer that question...


so I said why not...


And he said I havent read the report,,,,,,, and I said do you want me to read it to you...


There was silence again and he said where did you get it?


So I said, you know I ain't about to tell you that Mike, because my source would quickly dry up....because you would sure as **** get rid of whoever is feeding me.


Anyhow he finally admitted to knowing about the report and confessed that there was a slight mistake made as the person who wrote it thought that the report was to be factual and it seems that Bonita got carried away and reported what really goes on in our illoustrious regional M&M office under the present storm troopers that are in charge. ( He did not refeer to them as storm troopers, thats my description. )


Anyhow I got the impression that the origional report was to be deep sixed....


Do you want some of the more interesting parts of the origional report posted here for you to peruse at your leisure?


I would be quite content to type some of it verbatum.


And there is nothing illegal about me sharing a government report that you paid for. :up: :up: :up:


Dr. Chas W.

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I am not able to scan the document so I will mail a copy to someone who can put it on line to read.


However as sort of a trailer like the movies release here are some of the more interesting findings that are in the report






Page 7.. Key area of concern: Managerial Approach......under Findings and analysis:


The predominant perseption that a customer complaint is handled one -sidedly and that "management dictates how inspectors are to act" has laid the foundation for mistrust and paranoia. Examples given...


Behind closed doors meetings between managers and companies;


o The " lessons learned " section of the all-staff meeting in January 2003 promoting the "cover your ***" (CYA) philosophy for interacting with clients;


o The well-known example of taking responsibility away from inspectors when there is a complaint or concern being voiced to management.


Generally, Inspectors have "a fear of reprisal" as some have been used as examples and feel their " actions are always under a microscope".




Then further down there is this little gem......







0 Although note taking is a very important aspect of the job it seems that the CYA techneique has been taken to the extreme. It becomes the overall priority from its promotion to defend position in appeals and complaints.



0 Written responses to client complaints enforce the requirement for full compliance and admit no wrong doing by Inspectors or others.





The quotes are verbatum from the report, read them and reflect on exactly what this means.


I can attest to the accuracy of her findings, In my case they should be given gold stars for sticking to their methods of deny and stonewall the client into either bankruptcy or their grave.... condoned by and approved of by everyone right up to the position of Director General civil Aviation......


Yesterday it was me...tomorrow it can be you....


Chuck Ellsworth

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Guest Airplay



You seem to feel that every topic discussed must somehow be related to your plight with TC. Here's a wakeup call, Your fight has nothing to do with AME Human Factors no matter how you try to relate it or seguey into it.


Unless you also avail yourself of the reading material contained in Transport Canada's evaluation of the Pacific Region M&M management group you will never fully understand why Human Factors really mean something and are important in our industry.


Are you kidding me? Like I've said from day one, every example sited in your never-ending story can be applied to industry as easily as it can be applied to the regulator. There are as many (if not more) slimey operators out there as there are inept TC employees. And there are avenues to deal with them in each case that are much more constructive that the methods you have chosen in my opinion....

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#####, I have avoided getting into any discussions with you for over a year...But I cannot allow this to go unchallenged.


With all due respect may I point out that as the regulator TC has the responsibility to conduct their own affairs in the same manner that they regulate us.


To keep dishonest, self serving managers who use their position to brutalize not only their client us the industry but also their own is in my opinion very germain to this thread. Because they have the responsibilty to not only regulate their dictates but to be seen as abiding by their dictates themselves.


Can someone please explain why a TC manager who knowingly and with intent witholds, changes and alters documents to deny one of his Inspectors that Inspectors rights is any more deserving of holding his job than a pedophile priest?


And can anyone explain to me why I or anyone else in Aviation should be forced to comply with the dictates of such a corrupt individual just because he works for TC?



And one final fact #####....I am not refeering to "inept" TC employees I am refeering to dishonest, unprincipaled, morally corupt top level TC managers. If you are unable to seperate and weigh the signifigance between slimey operators and corrupt Government managers then that about explains your position. Their own internal reports clearly supports this in fact is true in the case of the Pacific Region M&M.


If this were my own forum I would post the names of the individuals of whom I am speaking. This problem within the regulator goes far beyond my problems with them, I am only one of many, the difference is I have nothing to lose anymore so I can expose the moral cancer that is systemic within their structure.



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