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Chuck my friend, we all sympathize with you, but virtually every post you make talks about your 'problem with TC'. You have so much else to share, I'm saddened that every time I see that you've posted to something, I can predict what you're going to say.


You completely hijacked this thread that stared out as a human factors discussion and a positive experience someone had with an individual. Nothing about TC, nothing about corruption.


While I completely agree with many of your observations about our system and some of the players in it, Louie's right, it's getting old.

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You both of course are right.


I obviuosly have allowed this to get the better of me.


There may have been a time I could have added something constructive back to the industry but it is clearly obvious that I am finished.


I apoligize for having been so fixated and will refrain form further posting.



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That's not it at all Chuck. If I had you here now I slap you upside the head.


You have let it get the better of you, but it was a very important thing in your life. Now get the better of it - you have far too much to offer all of us here. Hear me?

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Please try to understand I am not taking your advice in any way except you are trying to befriend me.



Something I cannot explain happened to me over the past several years I allowed this to eat at my whole being, I know in the rational part of my brain what is wrong and I am going to overcome it..


I am one tough ******* I beat alcholisim and a gambling addiction, and I will beat this.....


However please understand something, above all else during my career I did my utmost to be professional and safety consious as a pilot, I tried to comply with the rules the best I could, but we all know that there were times we broke them just to survive and feed our famlies. Fortunately I never ran afoul of the regulator nor wrecked anything that I flew...so thats something.


I never dreamed the very system that I believed in would eventually destroy me.


Now don't worry I will get over it.


For what it is worth you have to give me credit that I can admit in public that I am trying to deal with avery personal emotional dilemma.


Like when I was an alcholic I recognized the problem and dealt with it.


I recognize this one also, and I am trying to deal with it.



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I gotta agree with CTD.


Not like we know each other, but based on some of your stories, pictures and 50 years of worldwide experience coupled with a flawless safety record, you have so much more to offer. The upcoming pilots could learn something from guys such as yourself, CTD, 407Driver and the like.


Keep it positive and keep your chin up Dude. You'll beat this especially after beating the other things you mentioned. Don't let it make you sick.





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Dr. Charles, I can appreciate some of the people are getting tired of hearing about your ongoing battle with TC. I for one couldn't care less, you are allowd to express an opinion on your battle with the M&M in yvr.


At times it does get a little boring, but from another perspective you have earned the right to be able to vent your frustration somewhere, and if not amongst a bunch of buddies, were else.


Nobody has the right to negate anything you have said so far, even the CARS expert.


There is always the option of not reading your posts and for that matter anybodies.


So keep on trucking buddy and tell us some war stories when you gat a chance.


I am having my own battle with HRDC trying to get funding for HEPAC.

I guess I'll just have to open A GoLf course, no problem getting funding for that.


If I remember correctly you are from down east, bluenoser I beleive.


We will all have to learn how to "Rant and Roar like true Newfoundlanders", they've had it made since they joined confederation.


Cheers Don

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Believe me there was a day that would have been what would have happened. :D


And you can bet your *** there a few people that wish I would have a few now. :D


Jeeses where does the time go?


The last drink I had was in early January of 1985............


Then I went to the Shick Shadel hospital for alcholics.....cost me 12 thousand dollars but saved my life.



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good on ya Chuck.


.forget dot they don't deserve that much attention, ignore them and do your thing, who the **** are they to say you can't start a business and run it like you see fit., tell em to piss off, you would'nt be the first one to change the rules on the field..



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