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Canuks In Yanke Town

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Just wondering????


How many of you have made the transition to America??? After 40 or so winters I would sure like to skip a few or more. I have always hoped one day to fly tours in Hawaii (A real dream I know). But if any of you (Canadian citizens) have made the move south, could you please let me know how you did it and how you like it. And it is too late for me to marry an American girl!!!!!


Also any other stories about expates!!! One that I heard is that there is a guy living in Mexico and flys fires during the summer and makes more than enough to cover his $1500/month living expenses for a family of four.


If you have moved to the states how are you finding the medical system (what is a 401K?) and there gun toteing culture.





Somewhere on the learning curve!!!

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Hey Tqed. I've never lived in the states and really have no desire to do so. I live in Victoria and after many years of traveling the world have never seen anywhere I like better. Tours in Hawaii are unlikely. There are jobs there but people move there to do them. I think Hawaii is one of those places that are a lot better on a holiday that to live in. It takes 4 hours to drive around Oahu, The next time you can do it backwards and then it could get a little boring. It is possible to get a work permit in the US if the company trying to hire you can demonstrate they need to go outside the states to get a pilot. People do get work permits and it is worthwhile applying for jobs. A green card is a whole other matter and quite difficult to get. If you are in a line of work that lends itself to International type work (such as offshore) then you can pretty much live anywhere you want. There are guys working for CHI living in Thailand, Australia, Malaysia to name a few. The medeical system in the states is fine as long as your company has a good plan which I would guess most Operators would. A 401K is an RRSP. You will only notice the gun culture in a few areas such as Texas and Montana. Oh and also on TV of course. The cost of living is cheaper in the third world as a rule, but not always if you expect to live to a North American standard. Hope this helps.

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If you start flying in the States the big operators have medical plans, but most of the small operators will not. The flight testing was definatly more intense than up here, but was good and fair. You have to be well prepared for the ppc. I have heard that the Hawaiian operators are looking for pilots and not just 10,000 hr. pilots any more. If you want to carry a piece like a good yank, look at work in Ak. The Alaskans have the best attitude anywhere in north america. Good luck

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