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Good Job, Nobody should have to deal with that.





I am a trained psychologist!


I personally find in the majority of cases, its a failure of the interpretation of a message that leads to the break down in communication.


Let's just say that the personality type that works in the industry ( pilots in partcular), are not the types that make an extra effort to communicate effectively. There are some but its not the majority. The type A personality in not known for this. The type A personality will look for an out fast as they are often but not always the best communicators.


A perfect example of this is the slinging of the "bad attitude" term to define anybdoy that refuses to carry the status quo, or disagrees with the status quo. There are probably some instances where the term is appropriate, but its widely misused.


Another example would be a person who refuses to admit that its not "Always" the pilots fault and "Never" the managements fault. Children or persons who make emotionally based decisions devoide of objective analysis often due to a lack of comprehension tend to lean this way.


My opinion is that to be a good manager you must be an effective communicator. The best thing that could happen would be for a person who is going into management to take a course in communication, it would pay off in spades.

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Good luck Bugman, I keep asking the same questions and the answer is always the same.... check the website and past threads, "supposedly" all the information you are looking for is there but I still have no clue who HEPAC is.


Who is on the board of directors, does anyone have a name for us? Seems like a fair enough question since they are collecting money to join. Beyond luggage tags what does the membership fee buy us? <_<

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Bizzo: From your neighbour to the south of you In Oxford Station. The info you are looking for is at HEPAC.org


And for your added info we (HEPAC) are not hiding behind anything, if you are aware of the idiosyncrasies of a Not For Profit Organization, which we are, we have never had an official meeting of minds or members, as such. When, hopefully this Fall we will elect a President and as many actual Directors as required. From there we will have people volunteer for committees that will be formed to address member concerns.


With your almighty dollar for membership, remember Rome was not built overnight, do not expect miracles.




Dan Mulligan and myself Don McDougall are at present the only official directors.

Myself as founder Of HEPAC am acting President.


The remainder such as Bob Kellie, west coast .We do have other people in the background who prefer to remain incognito.


Our actual membership is well over 6000, ok so 76.


The brochure states what we intend, or try to accomplish. The BY-LAWS if you wish to have them posted again, let me know.


Cheers, Don


613 258 0252

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Some of these people have asked to remain anonymous
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And for your added info we (HEPAC) are not hiding behind anything,



Thank you for the info Don. I never said anyone was hiding behind anything, I simply pointed out that I have had a very difficult time getting info about HEPAC and every time I post something trying to get more information someone from HEPAC gets they're back up and takes offense.


Now I have a name, I won't ask again.


Thank You

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I am sorry for the lack of public info regarding HEPAC. Please remember, this a new organization that is made up of volunteers to help assist and educate the Canadian helicopter industry's flight crews.

We are working on funding to help assist with that. As a lot of you can appreciate, dealing with government takes time and patience. We are also working on life insurance and medical and dental benefits......this also takes time and money.


For someone to join HEPAC, I will state, you will not see any immediate benefits......I would like to think that one would join for the same reason, some of us donate our time........for betterment of our industry.


We have several operators interested in what we are trying to achieve........the primary goal, is the developement of a mentorship program. That will be a huge benefit, to help develope training and education of Canadian flight crews.....what operator would not be interested in that.


As for the clown that posted the defamatory post against HEPAC, we will ask legal counsel for advice on this individual........and it could become quite interesting for him.


For anyone with questions about HEPAC, please feel free to contact me through my message box here, or email me at bobkellie@hotmail.com.


If you prefer to talk direct, call my cell at 604-250-1563. Remember, I also spend half of my time in the bush working like most of you, and it may take time for a return call.


Thanks to our supporters,

Bob/ Helilog56

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