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Looks like feliks spelling


No. I think Feliks is using an online translator to go from Polish to English. The words have proper spelling, just bad grammar for the most part.


Have you looked at the AeroAds site ? Looks like somebody hacked it... :lol:

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What next?


No doubt! talk about getting folks backs up! The latest one is the most under entertaining of all! person claims to have tourette's syndrome. Not very nice for the people that actually have it! :down:


It's a serious condition I would not wish on anybody! Good one dude! making fun of people with real disabilities! :down:


See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tourette_syndrome.


Friend! Or who ever you are, posting these anti hepac messages .You need to speak with somebody soon, to discuss some of the anger and frustration and discover a solution so you you can find some peace and carry on. Good luck!




Thought I was crazy! :blink:

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Guest Bullet Remington


This is weird, you guys are sons of twisted spar?


:up: :lol::lol:


could very well be!! Look like a couple of the folks that changed out a starflex and some other engine junk on an Astar in Nain a year or two ago!! :P

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