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I wrote the Class II about 1.5 years ago. It was basically a combo of your Commercial and the Class IV written only a fraction of the questions. I think it was 50 questions. If you hit Culhanes commercials, read the Instrument Procedures Manual, read CARS for the hours required for students for Commercial, Private, Conversion, and a bunch of other information pertaining to flight training and then blow the dust off your Class IV study material :wacko: you will do just fine. The pass is 70 I think. If you make 80 or better you will not have to rewrite when you acquire the experience to make a Class I, as long as you make that hour requirement within one year of having written the exam...I think!!! :blink: And if my memory serves me correct for once in my life, I believe that was one of the questions on the exam!! :D


PM me if you wish...may not get a reply till Monday evening though. My hair may be hurting tomorrow. The Captain and I have a date tonight. Have to build up my immune system for next weekend's visit to the Muskokas os where ever the he11 it is CTD is taking me. <_<



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Hey 412,


LR hit the nail pretty much on the head, I personally found it rather tough, then again I found grade 3 math tough :shock: .


There is one question on the stinking exam about lateral C of G on a Bell 47 with a basket on the side and you have 60 to 70 pds of freight in it, that is about all I remember about the actual question. Again, I found it harder then the ATLP (H) exams.

ohh ya, go over the 7 rules of learning (or was it 8... :blink::wacko: ) (can not remember the proper term) but it is in the front of the instructor guide, they were on the exam also.


Good luck, and may the force be with you :up: :up:

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