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427 In Toronto

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So, I guess that you'll be taking that 0.2 in ship 008 out of your book then? :lol:


I think they've sold around 40, but it could have been 140 if they'd listened to us in the first place. Now they've approved development of the 427i, and guess what? They're doing all the things we said they should have done 7 years ago. Monkeys. :hide:


It'll be a nice ship for Sue, and I'm sure she'll love it.

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CTD - Know of a few out there. Bahrain Police have one, saw the one at Nakanihon in Japan recently as an ENG ship, three in Manilla, Chief Air Aviation in Israel have one, one in corporate use in Poland but thats about all I know of.


Looks like a nice ship and flies well. Got a few flights in the Manilla ships when I was there and if they solve the problems could be a big seller.


Heli Ops

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I'm not giving my 0.2 up for nutten.

I'm just jiving, the 427 was the smoothest ship that I think that I've ever been in, and fast too.

It is too bad that they didn't take the good advise that was offered to them while they had the chance. As a medivac platform it would fill soooo many rolls. Put a hoist on it too, now your saving lives.

If I was buying my own private ride, the 427 would be in the running for sure. What the ****, I've already got the big 0.2 towards the type. :lol:

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I should have signed you off that day - you were awesome. :blink: Flying back to the plant by myself was so....unfulfilling. :D


DGP - the 427 does offer some more space in the back, and a wee bit in the front (but not much). A million is a lot for us, but you do get pretty much full-mission OEI performance and 150 kts. And VERY long legs - too long for this man's bladder.


Now the 430 is also nice...


Hmmmm. Let's start a thread on what helicopter you'd buy if you had a squillion (that's a lot) dollars.

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