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Pilot's Took Kit

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Hello All,


If this topic has already been discussed, my apologies. Please point me in the right direction as I couldn't find it using the search engine. I know the engineers had a tool discussion in the maintenance section, but I thought this warranted it's own topic.


Most of my company's aircraft come with their own basic tool kit. I'd like to get my own for peace of mind. What tools do you guys think I should include in a carry along kit (thinking small tool bag) for (very) basic maintenance/elementary tasks that a pilot may have to carry out on 206/500 in the field?


I've already included:


1) 3/4" stubby wrench for chip plugs on 206s and 500s

2) 7/16 wrench for greasing 206

3) assorted screwdrivers - any specifics?

4) assorted wrenches - any specifics?

5) duct tape

6) flashlight


Anything else to add to the list?





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i also take electrical take electrical tape for longline/ bucket, purse strings for bucket, male/female plug ends for bucket, paste for testing drums(water), 5/16ths and 3/8ths wrenches for pulling doors off 206, if you have janitrol heaters then take plug wrench, and most important of all...toilet paper...!

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You said, "my company's aircraft come with their own basic tool kit."


Their kit should have a multi-driver, pliers, side-cutters, crescent wrench, electrical tape, some lock-wire, spare long-line plug, janitrol socket, chip-plug wrench, GPI pump impeller and drive-key, or Honda pump spark-plug and starter cord.


You should have in your pocket........a Leatherman, and a mini Mag-lite.


Let's face it.... you are a pilot......not MacGyver.

The company should provide the basic tools, training on how to check chip-plugs etc., and an engineer to come to your aid if something bigger than that breaks.


Just think how quick the Skipper could have got off that island if he had called an AME instead of letting Gilligan try to make an engine out of two coconuts!!

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Thanks all for your replies. While I'd love to have a trusty engineer in my tool kit at all times, there are occasions where we get sent out without 'em. I'll throw a kit together based on what I have already and what you guys have mentioned...beer, firearms and spare liver included! :punk:

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