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Loss Of Medical


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Heres a scary topic.

What would you do if you lost your medical.

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the eventual loss of your medical is obviously inevitable... hopefully, for the majority, reasonable exercise & diet will forestall that day which we all have nightmares about... the time is NOW to consider your own, personal "Plan B" should your next ecg place you on the sidelines unexpectedly... continuing education/training in the interim will go a long way to creating your much-needed "parachute"...


a wise old crown attorney once told me... "Failure to prepare is preparation for failure!"


play safe...

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This is not exactly a hilarious topic. My problem I don't know how to do anything else that pays anything like what I make now. As for retraining I'm not really interested in being the FNG at my age (53). However, here are a couple of more words of wisdom from the ages. "He who aims for nothing will surely hit it" And "Save yer nickles and save yer dimes" (giddyup giddyup 409) :P


This doesn't really answer Mini's question though. I guess first I would figure out what I would have to do to get it back and if thats not in the cards figure out some other way of making a living. Trim the expendatures. Get a dog with a bandana and a tin cup. What a B*tch. But like the man says its not if... its when. I've also met one or two guys over the years who are keeping their medicals but should really be hanging up the old helmet anyway. Reflexes don't last forever.

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This topic is precisely why I left commercial flying for Bell, and Bell for TC - security and stability. In my commercial career, I saw too many 60-odd year old pilots zooming around in a 206 or 350, trying to make a living from contract to contract with no retirement date in sight. I decided that wouldn't be me.


The vast majority of us have no other marketable skill, as Deuce said. If you want to use your aviation background, you can move to TC, consult, or take any of a small number of marketing jobs out there. Slim pickin's indeed.


For me, I took courses and tried to get other work skills, and started a small business. Oh yeah, and found a much younger woman who makes more than me... :D


Hey Mini - I sent you a PM

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Good question....


I just got back from my TC medical about an hour ago and the biggest problem my DR. has is years ago I made a bet with him I would live to piss on his grave.


After probing, checking. listening, giving me all the eye and refelex checks he sent me down to the Lab for the ECG and blood checks, he is finally getting worried that I am going to win the bet.


He even tried a new tactic today to see if I am starting to fail, he asked me if I have any trouble getting a hard on ( actually I think he referred to it as an erection, but I think it is the same thing. ) I said when in the morinign? noon? afternoon, evening? anyhow I did admit to pre mature ejackulation....he asked when and I said with some of the young good looking ones, I just get to excited.....


So not being able to find anything physically wrong with me he ignored the obvious mental problems and signed me out for another six months...


If I fail a medical I think I will write stories. :up:


Dr. Chas w.

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