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Cranbrook - Fatal Crash

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Really sorry for whomever is involved in this crash and god may rest the victims in peace.


I wonder how this will affect the minimums for low timers due to insurance.



Thats terrible news, my condolences to everyone involved, and flash what the **** kinda comment is that, you wonder how it will affect minimums for low timers due to insurance, you dont even know what caused the accident.....the last thing you should be thinking from this accident is that

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Guest Bullet Remington

You know, I ain't sure about the rest of the folks on here, but I'm really tired of hearing that we've lost another of our family!


While we have, or I like to think we do, life a lot better then those that sail the seas, we should all bear in mind, that flying similair to sailing can be inherently dangerous at any time! Flying can be a very harsh mistress!


Until the details are released, how about we all act like a functional family, and refuse to stoop to speculative, self serving posts, and maintain the inerests of the families including ourselves, that have lost their family members.


Keep the faith in ourselves as well as those we've lost, and mention those lost as well as their "direct" family members when y áll pray to whatever God/s you serve and/or believe in!


And please, until released by the "Powers that be"out of respect please don't post names nor initials here!

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Oh man...


Deepest condolences to the friends and family of all involved.



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