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Advice On Flightsuits

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Hi gang,


I'm looking for some advice on where to purchase flightsuits for EMS providers doing both rotary and fixed wing work in BC. In particular, I have am looking for a company with the following highlights:


1) Effective quality control;

2) Multiple fabric availability (e.g. Nomex, 100% cotton, poly/cotton blend)

3) Consistent sizing;

4) Adequate stitching and fabric durability;

5) Good warranty coverage;

6) Flexible design features to allow for specific operational needs (e.g. extra pockets, etc)

7) A proven record of consistency, reliability, and quality in the aviation industry;

8) Reliable production and delivery guarantees.


Any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated.



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Hey Dave,


I've worn both the Flightsuits.com and Guardian products. The Flightsuits.com was better stitched and they have more features available for the retail customer. That said, I'd bet that for your order Guardian would do whatever features you want, and that you could spec a high level of sewing quality.


Hope yer well,



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