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Strange times, I thought (if this is all true) Mr GCS was happy there. Anyways, before any 'rumors' go anywhere they shouldn't, we'll get a proper story here I am sure by early next week!




yes. rumors are dangerous. but i will say that i like both the company and mr.gcs. and before there is harm done to either.

a fax was sent out to all bases informing that he is stepping down and leaving the company.

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I guess this is a blatant hijack of T55's thread but I have to say that in some cases people at the 'yellow and red', wanted to move on to different things and in other cases...they just needed some encouragement. They were all good people, just in some cases in the wrong job or wanting something different. Managing a bunch of ego-maniacs who all know better than the boss cannot be an easy job. I wouldn't want it.

Our present Ops Mgr and CP are both competent, intelligent, professional gentlemen. I am proud and pleased to work for them. I hope and believe they will both be there for a long time.


End da rant. I'm pouring myself a drink now.


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Hey 20/20 you seem committed to hammering on TNH, why not start a new topic if you feel so strongly about it.


Why so bitter, did someone there touch you in a bad place? :lol: :shock:

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