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Maps Etc In Montreal?

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for those of you who live out east, do you know where in montreal i can pick up a current CFS and VNC's, please?

thanks in advance.



In CYHU you can go to AeroBoutique. Otherwise, if you call VIP, and explain your situation, they might just let you pick up at their office (St-Bruno, near CYHU). I'm sure some of the FBOs on Ryan ave in Dorval will have them as well...

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If you a driving in from Toronto on the 401 you could stop at Les Cedres airport and pick up charts from Laurentide aviation.


It is located just before Dorion on the road from Toronto. Take the Les Cedres exit (45 20'19.30 N and 74 05'30.38 W and turn left - airport is located right on the North side of the Highway. ( FYI Later on watch out for Speed traps in Dorion. )


CHL has their office there also just noth of the Airport ( big Yellow building.) I am not sure if CHL sell charts.


If flying Laurentide does not have Jet fuel but CHL does.


I am sure you could also pick up charts in Kingston and Ottawa or Gatineau enroute too.

Photo Credit Google Earth.



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