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Wind Finding Techniques


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a few others, especially in winter...


drift and apparent groundspeed as you recon the spot, helpful to have slower airspeed (60 mph plus) to really notice either one


that 45 degree crab (ball centered) on final might indicate an error in judgment as well!! :o:o


hope that helps...the first one more than the second...

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Fly Straight and Level, with no wind correvction. Notice to which way you drift, then turn 90 degrees into the wind and and not drift again, you should now have the wind down to about 45 degrees.

If it is really cold, and windy, note in what direction the snow drifts over the ground.

If you are doing a rcon over a confined area, just note if you drift closer to, or further away from your landing spot!


Hope that helps. :rolleyes:

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Try to 'feel the machine' Downwind turns in a recci will usually feel like the 'bottom is ready to fall out!' In the downwind turn you will usually increase ground speed and need to pull in a little pitch! depends on amount of wind! If you have more time, establish a contant speed, 30kts and a constant bank of about 10-15 degrees. Keep circling over the recci spot, eventully the 'wind' will push your aircraft downwind, this works if the winds are very light! Good luck!

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No Roscoe, They did not want me :( So if you know of any schools in canada looking for a class 2 helicopterinstructor...

Have CFI experience, and RDM can probably tell you that I buy Coffee for DFTE's. What's that? OK a large Double Double coming up! :up:


Otherwise, just skiing every day, in the lovely skitrails in my hometown, and missing flying like mnothing else!!



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