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chug, chug.....oh oh!!...your plane just became a glider....you manage to get her down, wheels down but pretty crumpled up......you get out....do a three sixty and see nothing but miles of forest......do you have your own personal survival gear, or are you one of those guys that say "nah, it'll never happen to me!!"


It would be interesting to hear what kinds of kits you've put together for just such an emergency (besides the CamelBak full of beer, "inflatable companionship" etc)...any tips for certain gear?





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Aside from the basics:

-some freeze dried food (not great but not bad if your second choice is your pax)

-one cut down 12g shotgun with one box of slugs and one box of SSG (for things that go bump in the night and of course for gathering food)

-"Wyoming Saw" folds down into a very compact package. they come with a wood blade and a bone blade (see item #2)


Of course there are waterproof matches, a small tarp, a decent first aid kit and some parachute cord. In north central BC, shelter, fire and food are the primary concerns. Our whole package fits into a Trapper Nelson backpack.



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