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Helicraft St Hubert Qc ?

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is this b.s or true?? the maintenance side finally got a syndicate or their side the ben laden group was so mad that is techinien has union now that he as thinking closing the base in st hubert?? ...


can someone tell us what realy happen there ????


come on skids???you must know?? :punk:

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I spoke to a buddy who also used to work there. Apparently it's only the apprentices who've decided to unionise. They've signed their cards and given notice of their intention to obtain accreditation. If the company puts up any fuss, the process could take upwards of a year. One rumour has it that by then they will close the AMO there and have the work done under the AMO of one of the sister companies (Heli-Inter or Heli-Excel).


If this pans out the way it's lookin', there's a bunch of apprentices who'll be looking for work shortly... :mellow:


I think in Quebec the minimum number of employees required to unionise is five, but don't hold me to those numbers. I could be wrong...


Personally, I think HEPAC is a much more viable alternative to a union, but hey, I'm biased... ;)

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Is this a done deal?



Machinists certify helicopter mechanics


June 10, 2008, Montreal -On June 5, 2008 the IAMAW certified 17 workers employed by Hélicraft 2000 Inc. at St. Hubert airport on the south shore of Montréal.


"We have been pushing hard to organize workers from the helicopter industry in Quebec,” said IAMAW District 140 Organizer Robert Savoie. " The 17 workers, who perform maintenance on helicopters, consist of certified mechanics, mechanics helpers and stores keepers; will become the newest members of IAMAW Local Lodge 1751.

“The IAMAW is the aerospace union in Canada and we believe the decision by these employees to join us will have a spill-over effect on other workers in this industry,” added Savoie.


IAMAW, among the largest industrial trade unions in North America, represents more than 700,000 active and retired members, and administers more than 5,000 contracts in transportation, woodworking, aerospace, manufacturing and defense related industries.



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Spoke to my buddy this morning. There are currently no AME's employed there, except for management. All their AME's are contractors. Also heard the ops manager has resigned.


Dunno if it's all a "done deal". Only time will tell...


Stay tuned for another episode of "As the Rotor Turns". :lol:

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