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Stiil Using Hf?

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IMHO I hope HF has been buried after many years of use. The cause of me spending nights out in the boondocs with no communication. I could talk to somebody a thousand miles away, but not within a hundred miles.


With today's Satellite communication, who in there right mind would use it.


Satellite com is the only way to go for both a/c and land based ops in isolated area's.


Have you ever thought, that you can phone the head office an tell them what you think of the contract you are on. + or -


Or better still you can ask for advice, AME/or PILOT


Why you even came up with this question, in this day and age, who knows???


Please elaborate.


Cheers, Don

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Gee Don didn't you like flying and playing push-pull on the stinger tuning coil :lol: I remember doing a radio check in Whitehorse once where I could not talk to Whitehorse Radio but Coppermine came in 5X5.


Sat phones are definately the right stuff but then how could you walk out to the helicopter wearing dark glasses and tapping along using the whip as a guide???

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HF was great, comms across several provinces, IF the atmospheric conditions were correct.

Is there anyone here old enough to remember the radio operator at OKanagan in Vancouver?


was it Max ??? at VXU 215 Vancouver ??


In about 1984 or 85 I had a BCFS fire medic run (head down) at the helicopter and totally demolish the entire HF antenna. I thought that he was going to kill himself, did some big damage to the 206 nose !

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"""Sat phones are definately the right stuff but then how could you walk out to the helicopter wearing dark glasses and tapping along using the whip as a guide??? """


I'm trying o picture exactly what you are picturing. I know it's meant to be funny and I have a great sense of humour but this one beats me.


Maybe you should say" walking out to the helicopter carrying a Sat Phone in one hand and tapping along using the H/F whip as a guide???


Don :boff: :prop: :bye:


Only the Shadow Knows, remember???

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Once apon a time in Tuk...........long before satphones... S61 is loaded with rig pigs heading out to one of the drillships and waiting for the Captain. The Captain and engineer-both who will remain nameless, come walking out across the ramp from the transportation shack. The engineer is stumbling all over the place but being held in check by the Capt who is wearing the very dark sunglasses B) and using the HF whip the same as a blind man uses his cane. As they get to the 61, the Capt taps his way up the aisle past the pax and climbs into his seat-passing the whip out the window to the engineer. Once fired up, the Capt pops his false teeth 1/2 out, gives the pax a big rubbery grin and lurches into the air. Indeed a sight to behold :P


Every time I see an HF whip I think of that day--made the tour much easier. B)

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We still use them in the arctic. They work great up there well as good as a HF works anyway.But i think a sat phone is the way to go. At least with the sat phone you don't have to worry about your passengers snapping off the antenna as they walk by the front of the machine no mater how many times you tell them about it.

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