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Another Bird Down

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Guest Bullet Remington

Man, this is really getting depressing and old!! How many more??? My spirit grieves for the families involved! As well as the folks at GSHL. I know several of the Big Shots at that comppany as well as the grunts! They run a tight ship with a great bunch of folks!


BeeBee's first post is indicative of the fustration, stress and grief felt by most if not all in this industry and is an echo of my feelings as well. That post as with this one is NOT meant to distract from the grief, sense of loss and the impact upon the families, company nor the industry!


Let's be a lot more careful out there folks!! I'm way to frikken old to be going through this all summer long!


For those of you who take offense to this post, please fell free to PM. Or start "Bash the crap outa BM"thread!

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i took beebee's post as simply someone else who was touched and angry and frustrated that another life, be it driver or pax, was lost... nothing derogative implied or felt at all..


and i think we all share that just because the people involved may be well known to us...


no retaliatory bashing needed...

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Deepest sympathy to the families, friends and survivors...


Let's all of us drivers and maintainers spend the extra moment or two to slow down, take our time, and stay safe.


D!ck Mitten

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