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R44 Over Banff

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From time to time I see a dark coloured 44 flying over Banff. A piston in the rocks is a rare sight indeed. I used to think that it was Bigorn's doing mountain training but I think that all their machines are bright orange. Anyone know who's machine this is? I'm just curious.



THere are many R-44's in the area and I know of at least two private ships that fly to the Shuswap regularly.

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I bet Chuck Norris ain't afraid of "Black Helicopters" he eats them for breakfast :shock:


It´s too funny - it seems like that those Chuck Norris jokes are famous around the world - even in Germany we make them all the time ;)




--- back to topic ---

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They are an eye sore but otherwise a good machine.


I agree. I'll fly one any day which is fine because you don't have to look at it while you fly it.... but eventually someone's going to see you getting in or out of it. :blink: And doing a DI, OUCH... but it's gotta be done. ****, my sister even thinks that 44's are ugly!


Gemini seems to do a good job of disguising the shape of their 44's with some cool graphics though.


Mark and Daz, I'm just like you. I hear one and I look out the window too... around here it's usually a white EC120 with a red tailboom. GYRP

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