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Pre-flight / Fuel Test


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Oh what the ****, I'll comment.


If you just pour it on the ground where it came from no big deal.


Now if you are really concerned about the enviorement maybe you shouldnt get up in the air changing the fuel into a chemical breakdown from its origional form that "may" be harmful to the enviorement.....


What do you think?


Rev. C. W.

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O K, the reason that I ask this question is that some Anal Tree Hugger called the Environmental Protection people who are now watching us, and we have been told that it is illegal to dump the ounce or two of fuel onto the Asphalt in front of our hanger.


So far I believe that we are the only ones being watched so the other several hundered ounces that are spilled every day are O K.


Just my opinion but I think there is a reason that the word environmental includes the word MENTAL.



Charles I agree totally with your point, and I bet the Tree Hugger and the caller from EPA both drive cars.


Did you ever wonder how many ounces of fuel are spilled every day at your local self serve station by your local EPA official.



Sorry if I sound a little Pissed! :angry:

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Guest graunch1

Worst palce to dump fuel samples....


We had an apprentice in Tuk out in McKinley Bay with our 76. He got caught dumping the sample over the side of the helipad on the roof of the work barge into the harbour. Needless to say s... hit the fan. Being concientoius although a bit thick headed, the next day he carefully poured the fuel sample into the short pipe sticking out of the roof of the work barge....Too bad it was the vent for the barge's drinking water :P

On the third day he was on his way back to YYC

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We used to put it in a drum, specially marked for the purpose, and call SaniVan when the drum was full. Our company had an environmental committee who were really uptight about that ####. Before that, it went down the hangar drain.

A word of advice as to what to do about the tree hugger. Save the samples until you have a gallon or so, then pour it over the p888k and catch it on fire.

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If a waste fuel/oil receptacle is provided we dump our fuel sample in it (jet A is nasty stuff, and kills the grass :down: ). If one isn't provided, well we dispose of it in an out of sight spot. I'm not 100% sure, but I think that the FBO or operator is supposed to provide somewhere for you to dispose of waste fuel.



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Guest Airplay

Jet fuel doesn't do the asphalt any good. In the US where the asphalt is warm and waste kerosine is plenty, alot of airports have pretty rigorous rules about where you put it.


From an environmental standpoint, its easy to have an opinion if you aren't familiar with the issues. Believe it or not, a small amount of unburned refined jet fuel is harder on the environment than burning it....


I read a case about somewhere in the US where the ground around a ramp was deemed hazardous because of years of accumulated fule waste. It took thousands of dollars to rectify. Would you want fuel contaminated soil in your back yard?


Those little splashes can sure add up over the years. providing a canister could save money and grief in the long run.....

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