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Pre-flight / Fuel Test


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The tree hugger will love us!!!....we dispose our fuel into drums so it doesn't hurt the grass.


Then we turn it into petro-gel for drip torches...you know...Nature Napalm!!!...ya gotta fight fire with fire!!! :D


PS..do tree huggers every think of the poor trees when they're wipin there arses with a forest product??? <_<





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You haven’t seen a fuel spill till you've worked on a ramp, then you wouldn’t feel bad at all about 2 strainer cups....


9 times out of 10 Avgas will evaporate before it can wreck the concrete, although the dye will stain pretty much no matter what. Adds character to a ramp.


Jet will kill grass, and soaks into earth and lasts years. But it finds a second home very nicely in anything with a diesel engine, including most tow tugs or jettas (I wonder why up and coming pilots all drive jettas... hmm....)


As for putting it into some sort of container and re-using it. All I will say is from a legal standpoint we never put it back into the plane, you can't guarantee the integrity of whatever container or homebuilt strainer your using. And reusing fuel you got from a home build strainer may be the precursor to being on the cover of a copy ASL.


Most places provide silly little cans, but if the cans were more then 20ft away would you honestly use them anyway?




(Edited for gramatical errors.)

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Well, if you look at the fuel and it is clean, your sample container is clean, what is the problem with dumping it back in the tank. Seen many a pilot just drain it out on the ground, not sure what that proves, if you had a major dose of water(or chocalate chip muffins) in the tanks it would tell you nothing. Have even asked pilots while they are draining on ground if the fuel is clean, response is always, yup!



Have had a few 500D's with more than a few onces of water in them, probably wouldn't be here on about this had I just drained on the ground.


As far as what to do with a bad sample, I forget how many thousands of gallons of ground water is contaminated by one gallon of fuel but it is astounding. Usually there is some sort of container or old drum about to dump it in. Why not try and turn a new page and try to look after what we have? What harm does it cause?


Am not a environmental activist just a farmer's son.

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