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Did you all notice how quickly our nice thread had to be locked up once a certain unnamed avionics boy from ywg showed up?? It's amazing how things can go from a civilized discussion to mud slinging just by one person getting involved. This is far from the first time it has happened and I would hope that the moderators of this board would note the common theme with it.


It's not just me, or Chuck, or louie, or even ####. It seems to happen with whoever he decides to slag. So, what's the issue here? Is everyone else that screwed up? I think not because we can all get along together until that one variable is introduced.


Is it time we all revolted and/or boycotted the board until Kyle kicked him out??


Here we are trying to get some more traffic on this board, and this person comes in and sabotages it.. I for one will have to think about it to see if it's worth participating if we are going to be continually subjected to this persons unwanted input.


End of rant and awaiting others suggestions...

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##### is not the real problem.


Go back and read how all this got started.


If I had not made the mistake of trying to point out the TC human factors connection / relationship, none of this would have happened.


The bottom line is these discussion boards bring out just to much emotion when sensitive subjects are brought up.


Also you will note that these kind of issues can drive a wedge between people due to the positions from which each are comming from, be it intelectually or due to a need to defend our own territory....


It is just human nature.


However maybe some of us should be maybe a little more mature...but it is so easy to just get all riled up and just start swinging back.


I wish I knew how it could be done differently, but it just seems that in this case I started the problem.


Banning any one person is not the answer, because another one with the same techniques will just slip in anyhow, the answer is to try and not react to posters who may be wind up artists.



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With all due respect to both of you, the thread was locked not because of one particular person, but rather what the thread had turned into and how EVERYONE was jumping into the mudslinging. The mod team has noted certain patterns in the past, and we are aware of issues between members (as I am sure most who frequent the board are as well).


At any rate, two wrongs do not make a right, and as Charles stated, perhaps folks should try to ignore the wind-ups. When everyone stoops to the "wind-up" level and the mud war begins, it is a little harder to point the finger, because by the time the smoke clears everyone involved in some way or another has crossed a line that should not have been crossed. It is tough to gain traffic on a board when someone happens upon this site and reads threads like the one in question.

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Guest Airplay



It has been your mission in life in the last few years to discredit me and my comments. And I just won't sit back and let you do it.


I've tried ignoring you to no avail as I think it just energizes you. If you do a quick inventory of your posts since CAAviation became our common haunt, you will quickly see you do (almost) nothing but respond negatively to my posts. You bring nothing else to the discussion(s) but unconstructive insults then you ultimately stoop to the level of using my real name that I mistakenly revealed to you in confidence.


You somewhat recovered some credibility with the human factors post, but a quick review of the flow shows the first "real" insults flowing from YOUR keyboard. And the rest is history.


If you disagree with what my message, feel free to explain why. But if you just want to pull "Winnipeg" or "avionics" or my real name out with no other reason than to identify me in an attempt to discredit me personally, expect a rapid response.


I'm glad this board has an active moderator that seems to be pretty level headed and I hope his comments will stimulate more discussion here. It is my sincere belief that many avoid posting in fear of being identified and slammed publically. A skill Mr. Ellsworth and Mr. twotter have demonstrated and perfected.


I have been involved with another site that has been threatened with legal action when comments appear containing real names and corresponding insults. (and no....I didn't type the comments) I've done a little research and found there is precedence. Of course all bets are off if your user name is your real name unless you adopt the real name of someone else as your "handle" which is just as serious.


A note to others....DO NOT reveal your real name on this or other boards. Some may use it maliciously in retaliation.


DO NOT post your main email address lest your mailbox become inundated by various offensive porn site emails and viruses originating from sites that were activated by an IP address in BC's lower mainland...gee I wonder who lives there....


RESIST addressing insults in retaliation. It just leads to escalation as evidenced by so many threads. I suggest when you feel you are being insulted we interact with the moderator and report the post. Or perhaps as a stop-gap measure we adopt a standard message like:


"I refuse to respond to the statements contained in "XXXXX''s post as I feel they violate the intent, spirit, and rules of the CAAviation forum."

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Good morning Skywrench, hopefully this thread will just end here now that the three of us who are the main contenders in this rather childish spat have each vented.


Kyle did my web site and I found him to be the kind of person that I would like to do repeat business with and there seems to be a lot of Newfies here so I want to hang around.


Lets all put this one to bed.......


What would you do if you had a squillion dollars was fun, however no one told me if it was U. S. dollars or Canadian?


I would like to do the currency conversion so I know exactly what I could buy.


The very reverend Chas W.

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Like most on this board, I have a career and moderate this board with the other mods on a volunteer basis on my own time. Sure things may have slipped through the cracks, but there are periods of time when myself as well as others are absent for a length of time. The thread that I closed had mothballed itself and taken a wildly new direction while I was at work (during which time I do not monitor the board). There have been other periods of time where I have been away for a couple of weeks.


All compliments and criticism aside, I try to keep an eye on the boards when I can, and when I am unavailable there is not much that I can do. Each moderator is allowed to use thier own judgement and act accordingly to enforce the rules of etiquette that everyone agreed to when registering with this forum. My decision was made based solely on those principles, and Kyle has the power to override any decision I or any other mods make. Nobody is perfect, and I certainly do not pretend that I am.


Now that everyone knows my stance as well as me knowing thiers, let us move on to more productive topics of discussion.

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You're not going to gain readership either, by locking up a thread cause a few fellows are speaking their opinion or butting heads, I would suggest that a better way is to delete a particuliarly offensive post rather weilding an axe. Look at this thread, it's the same thing already! Everyone here is big enough to take some abuse,Ame's are a GRUNGY lot anyway,er I dunno bout the pilots though!!

So calm down and don't be so oppressive. This place is deader than the legion on a Sunday nite anyway,so don't make it worst. Leave us alone.


Louie Da Lip.



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Skywrench et al..


I have no problem with people having an opinion, what I do take offence to is when words are twisted and taken out of context on a regular basis to further someones personal agenda. I am also not a child and would rather not be preached to by people who think they are wholier than the rest of us (not you but certain posters).


At the same time, a lively debate is good for the readership. I agree with louie and elvis that we are all big boys and girls here and also, if someone doesn't like what they read, well, they shouldn't read it...


When I read over and over again about the time I blew off a certain member of the forum, I get tired of it.. However, I do not make a big deal about it.. Should this then be classed as harrasment?? I think not, much the same as any other information that others might be interested in, like who we are (which I've never tried to hide). Anyone who wishes to participate has the chance of getting found out.. How do you think I know who louie, spinner, and others are?? We all leave a trail of hints through our posts and anyone with any intelligence can eventually put 2+2 together. So what's the problem with that??


If someone is that worried that people will know who they are, they have two options, change your user name or, quit using the service. What's so complicated about that?? Aviation in Canada is a very small community so it's not very surprising that we can figure out who each other is in a hurry. I guess the simple solution is, if you don't want the world to know who you are, don't post here...


If this is not going to be a forum where we can honestly post our views, then I would like to know now. I don't believe that during the last go around that I actually violated any of the boards rules. If I did maybe you can enlighten me and I would be more than willing to appologize publicly for it.


I am awaiting your reply,


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No one did anything wrong however the thread was beginning to take a different direction then the original post. There we some butting of heads but even more so, the original topic seemed to have lost it's grip.


With that said, let's carry on. Lots of other good stuff to discuss in this wonderful world of aviation. ;)

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