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Removing Structural Menbers In Flight (almost)

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Is there a way to slide a person in through the open door onto a prepared ambulance kit? Using the spine board or basket? If so that might be a way though I imagine that since no one has suggested it here it is not possible.



No, not onto the "proper place", but if you take all the seats out of the back, put them on the floor as required, to make it level (semi) with the seat, and then just slide him cross ways. It will get you off the hill and to a better spot to get it set up properly.


Probably not legal either, but my roof won't flex, at all....

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Unless of course you turn it on its side and push real hard on the vic's gut...


Anyone familiar with a 206 equipped with a front right seat that folds down but no removeable door post will remember that that is how a stretcher was inserted. It wasn't easy but it could be done.


Also there was one stretcher kit configuration for the Hughes 500 that allowed all regimes of flight with the door post removed (I can't remember if there was a VNE restriction). It was great for filming and shooting as it gave the rear right seat quite an unrestricted field of view to the right side.


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I gotta log on to these things more.


HV, I've been thinking about this since our first descussion. I was eager to bring it up to a certain manager to see what he thought. I know from witnesses that he has removed the door post while @ 100%. He flatly denied he'd ever done it.


This brought up an interesting point to me. Until Bell puts something in writing, if you remove the door post while running and something goes south. Well then your on your own, no manager will back you up.


As for the removing the door post from the AC while pilot is hot fueling, if that happened to me I would end up in head office explaining why I punched a logging manager in the head.



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Guest bag swinnger

I think we are comparing apples to Grapefruit here.

removing the ambulance door on an L is not quite the same as removing the entire post in a jet ranger. Not to be taken as ok, just not the same structurally.

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