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Hai 2004

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Here is the skinny singer from Quebec rehearsing for her presentation at the HAI.

And, just in case her fellow host looks familiar......you are correct.......the man in the tuxedo is our own CTD!!

(though he appears to have been sucking on a few too many ribs since the mugshot on page 3 of our favourite safety-letter was taken).

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well since i don't make the kind of coin that would allow me to stay in a hotel....... :rolleyes:


thinking of coming down with a motor home............ :shock:


wave if you see me. it's about 30 feet or so and pulling a trailer with a forklift on it!!! :P:P:D:D


YA BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Congratulations to Laurence Perry of Whistler. He will be given the pilot-of the-year award in Las Vegas.

Many of you will know Laurence, he's quite a character and hard to forget once you've met him!!


He was flying on a mountain rescue contract in Grand Teton Park, Wyoming and performed a long-line rescue of six climbers that had been hit by a lightning storm on a 13,770 ft peak. The climbers were ascending the Friction Pitch, a 130-foot rock wall not far from the mountain’s summit, when the storm struck.


The rescue team set up a staging area on saddle at about 11,000 feet. From there, a second helicopter shuttled rescuers and the injured to a waiting air ambulance on the valley floor.




Sadly, the last time one of our fellow pilots was given an award there were a few critics on this forum.

Not everyone of us can get an award for our efforts. But instead of being critical (or jealous) of the few that do get recognition, let's give each other a pat-on-the-back when needed (shiny award or not), and not a kick in the arse.


Well done LP.

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407 said...

If Randy H is there from Bell, he'll be the target, I KNOW his credit card has a healthy limit


Randy hasn't been with Bell since last Sept.


OK, it looks like I'm going, so who else do we have? Roll call...


- Biggles

- Vertical Mike (and Mrs Mag, I hope)

- Heli-Ops

- 407 Driver

- Maggie?

- Widgeon?

- T-rex?

- 412?


We're definitely going to have to have a get-together down there.

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