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Caravan Down: Lake Erie Accident


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Yes I do have strong opinions on these problems.


My opinions are based on having been in the business for over fifty years and having had to take TC into Federal court to force them to back me up in my position as Chief Pilot for an airline among other things.


You see the problem with enforcement of the law within TC is political considerations very often get in the way of real enforcement.


So I would be more than pleased to try and share my thoughts and give some suggestions on how TC can better perform their " duty " as the regulator.


But first allow me to ask you a question.


Then after I ask the question I shall address our DGCA and what to expect from that office.


First the question.


Do you believe that TC does not know that operators are ignoring the regulations, and that they are not able to identify the culprits?


Now to our DGCA, I must state that he is either lacking in comprehension skills or he has a different moral outlook on his responsibilities than I would have expected of a person in that office.


I personally believe that his comprehension skills are not the problem, as he had sufficient evidence of corruption within TC Civil Aviation not only documented but presented to him by the Director of "Quality Assurance " ( another oxymoron. ) to have possibly taken a more moral position than the position he took, when clear evidence of moral corruption within the upper management of TC Civil Aviation was presented to him.


Here is his position in writing and signed by him with regard to the foregoing.




" I find their handling of this matter to be quite satisfactory and they have my full support" .


Shall we continue with my opinions and suggestions regarding the manner in which we are regulated?


Before we go any further I take full responsibility for my statements on this matter and should anyone including the DGCA wish to bring charges of lible against me here is where to find me.


Chuck Ellsworth

290 Deer Lane

Nanaimo B.C.

V9T 4Y2


Canadian pilot license's # A38841 and DO38841


That should protect Kyle and this forum. Because they can deal directly with me.

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