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As350 Hydro Grounding Kit?

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Was involved with a lot of power line work years ago and they requested a machine to be tested for live line work. They wanted to park a machine on a rubber mat and then start it up and run it hooked up to 50,000 volts. When we we talked to Bell and told them about it they informed us not to even think about it.

They tested a Hughes 500 and I know the pilot that did the testing and they had to perform a lot of modifications to ensure blade bolts and stuff were all grounded. He said that when they ran them up a night you could see the halo of arcing across the blade bolts.


I've seen some pretty wild pictures. Looks like it can be quite the show. :shock:

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Hi all

We have invented our own grounding system for the 350 Astar and yes it consists of antennas very similar to VIH's approved 206 grounding kit. We are presently waiting for an STC for the AS350.


Yes we do tower landings on the Alcan line and as for the grounding whips, they are not required for that work. The reason Hydro wants whips is because if the heli had to inadvertanty lift off the tower while a crew member was getting out, he would get a shock. From my experience it is a small one and yes you have to be very careful of resonance.

Hydro is back flying, in a single engine.




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