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Whose Going To Be In Charge Of Licensing In 2009?

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Firstly, I wasn't talking down to you. Secondly, you have no freakin idea who I am, so do tell what you know about my true colours?? Nope, I'm not a Director of Hepac, I wasn't offered nor did I ask or offer. I do find it rather humourous that you find my ( from my perspective) humourous post offensive to you. Especially given some of your tirades against other folks on this site.


It may be a good thing that you "in your words, "I have no desire to become more them I am as far as employment,..."Were things to change for you, Eurocopter canada would be losing an adequate field support tech! And yes, I know who you are!


And I suppose you are correct with your assumpstion; "You make it seem like everybody has to move up the ladder to have...."As an employer, I look for employees that have some ambition to succeed and move forward in their career, someone whom eventually I can task to assume my position."It indicates to me 9 anyways) that the potential employee has some ambition. I doubt very much that I'd hire anybody who did NOT want to move forward career wise. Further, I'm not aware of any other employer that would hire an employee without ambition!


Given your statements, i can see why you'd have no interest in becoming a member of hepac. based upon your statements, i don't think theres anything that Hepac can do to benefit you!


So if you're happy doing what you are doing, stay there and enjoy yourself!! And while you're at it, get some thicker skin, fer keerist's sake!!


I've got very thick skin. if you haven't noticed i have voluntarily taken the rough side of many conversations for quite some time.

Let me rephrase the statement about moving up....I'll be more specific about moving up here. there is nothing enticing about moving up the ranks here anymore. Put me in another job at another employer and that'll change. nuff said.


Field support tech? I think you've got the wrong guy.


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