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Off Topic - Free beer


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I noticed that a couple of the lads on here are ex-pat Brits. Anyone missing the sweet amber nectar John Smiths, or perhaps your tastes run to Guiness?


I'm flying out to YYC on 04/04 from LHR. The wife and I have a bit of room in our bags, and I'd be happy to bring a few bottles/cans over.


Will be driving down to YVR for a few days, hoping to get to HAC on Tuesday, so I could drop them off along the way or in YVR.


Interested? Send me a PM, be sure to name your flavour 12.gif

PS. Due to Canada Customs regulations, this is a limited quantity offer filled on a first come first served basis 2.gif

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On 3/31/2003 9:44:06 AM 412driver wrote:


yes, i would love some guiness please!



OK mate. I''ll be sure to pack some Guiness in my bag. Be sure to drop me a line telling me where you''re based so I can arrange to drop them off.


You know, it''s kind of funny. Every year universities across Canada have a pub night advertised as "Free Beer on XXXXX" to get people in the door (usually featuring a band called Free Beer). If they got the response I did, the pub would be empty

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