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Fires In Australia

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They're not long lining, they're only 50 ft lines ;)


Too early in the season, everyone needs to get their eye in before moving up to 100ft, plus the water sources around Terry Hills don't really need long stuff. The way the rain has fallen of late, there may not be much firefighting this year, which will leave a lot of wannabees with some heavy loan repayments.....

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Guest bag swinnger

Heli ops, I saw the pics that you posted on rey's site as well. un freaken believable!

any chance I can have your'e job?

you seem to travel lots. I also like to travel.

you are into helicopters. Hey I also am into helicopters.

you take excellent photos. I,I, well I like photos.

youre into sheep. I, well never mind I will stay here and swing bags in minus something temperatures. I am thinking that with a start like this to the year already, you might have to come out with a couple different calenders this year sign me up :up:

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Bag Swinger - Thanks and images like those are one of the reasons I love this job, and thats why magazines like Heli Ops and Vertical give a different perspective to this amazing industry. Both Mike and I love getting out there in the field and shooting helicopters doing what they do best. Rather than sit in an office in Washington and write about something we know nothing about, Mike and I make a point of getting our hands dirty and 'reporting from the front line'. In my opinion I have the best job in the world.


Every time I leave home its the start of another great adventure. I am off to Africa again soon to shoot EC120s rounding up Rhinos and darting Elephants. Then a quick trip to Hawaii to soak up some sun with MD500s. Throw in amongst that Asian Aerospace in Singapore and Heli Expo in Las Vegas and you couldnt ask for anything more.


The day I stop getting excited about shooting fires, or ag work, or long lining a load at 10,000ft in the Swiss Alps, is the day I will quit, and I certainly dont see that happening soon :D:D


So from both Mike Reyno and myself, thanks to all those here that do such unique things with helicopters as without you, we wouldnt have any stories for our magazines now would we :up:




Heli Ops :cop:

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Heli Ops...


Did Garrett do any flying with Big horn Helicopters this past summer in Alberta... Waterton Lakes National Park to be exact?


Just wondering if it's the same Garrett I met when we were on fire contract with

Parks Canada... he was flying an Astar and I was on the 205.


If it's him would you....if possible be able to PM me his email address...would like to say hello.

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Wow, give a guy a compliment and they jump all over you. Hey 407 driver, I wasn't the one bulging the buttons on my coveralls last time we met. And at times that picture does get me going. Wanna trade jobs?sheep_jumping_ani.gif

Here's something that I know gets your blood boiling. Might have to lay in ambush though look like she runs pretty fast.

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