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How To Get An Australian Licence


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From what I've been told by a fellow I work with, the aussies do not recognize the Canadian license. This guy got a New Zealand license as they recognize the canadian license. He went and wrote the air regs in New Zealand. And since the Australians recognize the New Zealand license he than wrote the Australian Air Regs and went in the backdoor kind of.

All this is second hand information gained through casual conversation around the coffee table. I could be way off base though.

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I wrote the Aussy air regs last year, it is very similar to CAR's. You can find all the info at http://www.casa.gov.au/ There is a section under Licenses and registrations where you will find Aircraft maintenance Engineer license. In there it explains how to get a CTC assesment going for a Overseas license. I did hear, from a pilot friend of mine, that there is no exams required now. There are in dire need for engineers and I have also heard (from a fellow engineer) that they have opend the door wide for citizenship, for the same reasons. Hope this helps.

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