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Dennis Crashes

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Guest bag swinnger

I remember us debating one of this guys videos a couple years ago. Since then I have read many people saying that his skills are the best anywhere, but when I read what he had to say, it confirmed what I had been thinking all along.


"He thinks not being used to Utah's altitude and elevation density had something to do with why he crashed".

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he probably did notice the performance degradation while doing his manouvers, but he probably didn't increase his alitutde to compensate for the lost performance.

oh well, the man has talent that a huge amount of people we know could never replicate.

I'm sorry he has to finish his career with this blemish on his record.

My hats off to him :up:

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I think the density comment was probably skewed thanks to the 'experts' at the media. Much like the comment on how surprising it is that he has never crashed in his 13,000 hour career as a helicopter pilot.


He definately has some amazing hands and feet and is able to push the 300 to the threshold of it's limits, in this case, just a bit further.


I definately think he would have less facial trauma if he was wearing a helmet, but I'm glad he walked away.



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